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Central Station  Services
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Binkley Alarm  uses a UL Listed fully automated monitoring facility. We can monitor many different signals and scheduled events as well as other protocols such as 2-way audio and video monitoring. One thing sets us apart from our competitors and that is customer service. Our operators are trained on both proper dispatch of alarms but they are also trained on the basic end user operations so they can support you if you have questions about how to use your alarm system.

Alarm Monitoring 2-Way Audio Video Monitoring

Monitoring services:
Alarm Signals





Open / Close Signals

Supervised Open Close Signals

Zero Activity 

Test Signal Tracking

Guard Tour

Supervisory Signals

   water level

   low Temp, etc


2-Way Audio
Some alarm systems and medical systems can contact the monitoring facility via a 2-way voice module in the control unit to allow conversation with operators without using a phone. Works like a speaker phone.

Video monitoring & email
 Video monitoring can allow you to transmit video to our facility for verification of an alarm or it can be used to send video clips to you upon a pre-programmed event such as a child coming home from school. This way you know the child made it home safe and alone.

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Monitoring Is Here

One of the most secure forms of communicating with your alarm system. Completely monitored for integrity 24/7. No delay in signal transmissions. We have verified the speed to be under 2 seconds to transmit too our office from your alarm system. Although speeds may vary depending on broadband speeds and providers other forms of transmission pale in comparison.




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