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Product Information
There is no one size fits all
Binkley Alarm designs the system that best fits your needs and lifestyle. There are many different types of systems to choose from depending on your needs, future growth potential, the level of protection needed, as well as the budget you are working with. Binkley Alarm sales representatives are trained to provide customers with the system that best meets they're needs, which is why we provide as much information for you to make an educated discussion and not be sold into one.

Residential Security
GE Simon

Brochure1  Brochure2

Spec1  Users Guide


GE Concord

Brochure Spec1 Users Guide


GE CareGard

Spec1  Brochure

Commercial Security
DMP XRSuper6

Spec1 Users Guide



Spec1  Users Guide



Spec1  Users Guide


Spec1  Users Guide


Access Control
DMP 500N

Spec1  Users Guide


GE Topaz

Spec1 CPU  Spec2 Software


GE Alliance

Brochure   Spec1 Readers


Small Commercial & Residential

Video Systems
GE Diga4 - 4Ch DVR



Dedicated Micros Echo4 - 4Ch DVR

Brochure  Spec1


Dedicated Micros Echo9 - 9Ch DVR



Find Cameras Under

Commercial Video

Commercial Video
GE Store Safe






Dedicated Micros DS2 Sprite

Brochure1  Brochure2   Spec1


GE Cameras

Brochure 1   Brochure 2

Brochure 3   Brochure 4

Ultra View    Ultra View Domes

Compact  CamPlus  Covert

Ultra Rugged   Fixed Mini Domes

Discreet   Cyber Domes

Premier   Value   Low Cost  


Commercial Fire

Spec1  Users Guide


Silent Knight 5208

Spec1  Users Guide


Silent Knight IFP50

Spec1  Users Guide


Silent Knight IFP100

Spec1  Users Guide


Silent Knight IFP1000

Spec1  Users Guide

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 What is a Security System?
A Security System is can be as simple as a basic alarm or as complex as an integrated Access, Video and Burglar Alarm. Depending on your needs our professional sales team can design a system that meets your needs. Not only can we design and install your system but we can monitor it in our 24 hour monitoring facility here in Santa Rosa.
 Tracking employees
Our monitoring facility can not only monitor your alarms and troubles but we can also monitor who arms and disarms your alarm system. We can even send you a picture when they do. Call or email our sales department for more information.

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