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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I test my alarm system?  We recommend that you do the following:

  1. first call the monitoring facility to put your alarm system on test.

  2. Arm your alarm system in the Away Mode

  3. Walk through all the motion sensors

  4. Open and Close all your doors and windows that are connected to the alarm system

  5. Disarm your alarm system

If your alarm system has glassbreak sensors you will need a technician to properly test these devices and your smoke sensors, heat sensors and carbon monoxide sensors should be tested by a technician as well. If you have panic buttons you should also test these by activating them. Once you are done testing your alarm system you will need to contact the monitoring facility again to have them take your system back off test otherwise they will not dispatch on any alarms from you site.


How do I change my call list? If you contact our office we will be happy to mail you a new subscriber information sheet or you can download it from this web site by going to our Documents page or Monitoring page. Once you have completed the form you must sign it and either mail it or fax it to our office 707-545-1525 or visit our Contact page for our address.


How do I change my user code? You can download your users guide from our users guides page and if you still need help you can call our office and some one will help you. 800-542-5276



Can I pay my invoice online? Yes, visit our new online store and select Online Bill Pay from the menu. You will need to have your invoice number to make this payment. If you need help contact our office at 800-542-5276.














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