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Video - CCTV
Its a new era
It used to be that only big corporations and government facilities could afford video but with the advancements in electronics and technology not only is video affordable more advanced than ever before.

Binkley Alarm specializes in video products from GE and Speco Technologies. We can also service most any brand of video product available. Our team is here 24/7 to provide you with excellent support.

We have video products that are capable of being viewed remotely from either specialized software or with any web browser. We have setup a demo unit on our site for you to access and play with you can get to it by using the information below.

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You must enable Active X in your security settings to view this Demo


Commercial Video Corporate Video Residential Video

We have a wide range of products for many different types of commercial sites. Retail, Manufacturing, Service Companies, etc.. Some of our video system will even integrate with cash registers and other equipment to provide a higher level of loss prevention.

In many cases video is  required in order to work with Government and other agencies. Binkley Alarm will be happy to design you a system to meet these requirements so you can focus on what you do best.  


 We understand that a home video system should not look like Fort Knox but should be hidden from sight as much as physically possible. Let our sales representatives show you how we do this.




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 Video Monitoring
How can your video system help in a when you need it most? Let us monitor it. Yes, we can monitor video as well as alarms. What we do is connect to your site and verify if there truly is someone there.


We try to provide as many options as we can to our customers not only with our product offerings but with purchase options as well. We offer multiple leasing and purchase options. Visit our commercial page for more leasing information.


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